Badabing Radio

We take kink to a whole new level!

Welcome to the best place on earth, filled with music, entertainment and a whole lot of sex appeal.

Are you tired of the same old radio? Internet radio is great, but filled with ads and too little of what you really want. Traditional radio has it’s appeal, until the endless commercial break or obnoxious host comes on. They are both great in their own way, but even if you can get past their annoyances, there’s still just that something missing.

Bringing you the best in phonesex entertainment.

We have that something, and we have it in spades.  The girls of are live and on the air, bringing you not only the best in music and entertainment, but deliciously dirty talk you won’t find anywhere else.

They have been entertaining you by phone for years. With their captivating voices and limitless imagination. Now they bring you even more, with unique talk shows and the dirtiest DJ’s around.

So tune in and turn on, for a radio experience like none other.

Featured Shows:

50 Shades of Phonesex

Coming Soon!

Books can be fun, but they won’t do for you what our girls can! Tune in and hear some of your favorite girls heat up the air with little on and a lot to say about all the shades of phonesex out there to enjoy.

The Real Housewives of Phonesex

Coming Soon!

Take an insiders peek behind the panties as these women get real about their calls, their lives, and their very real desires. No characters, no BS – just The Real Housewives of Phonesex!


Mondays and Fridays @ 11 am (EST)

Join the girls as these sexy little vixens bring
you news from around the world. With just the right about of kink, news
will never sound the same.

monday metal hour

Mondays @ 1 pm (EST)

We’re turning it up a notch with all the great metal of
the decades. From the classics to today – tune in and TURN IT UP!

Outside Mass Media

Tuesdays @ 1 pm (EST)

Forget front page news – Outside Mass Media gives you
the underground scoop of news from around the globe in a way only our girls
can deliver.


Tuesdays @ 11 pm (EST)

Join BadaBing Radio for a live no holds barred exploration
of kink, conversation and more when you enter the Playhouse. Anything goes
on this live show!


Wednesdays @ 9 pm (EST)

Dirty little secrets are fun to share. Do you have any?
Confess those naughty sins as we tells the world of your naughty behaviors.

dressing for pleasure

Fridays @ 10 pm (EST)

Tricks of the trade, tips and more, Learn how to explore
the feminine side! Frenchie takes you on a journey through fashion and femininity.

nightly naughties

Mondays & Fridays @ 11 pm (EST)

Turn off the lights and settle in. It’s time to set the
mood. A soft voice and a tale of seduction…Bedtime stories made just for

bad girl blogs

Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 10 pm (EST)

The girls are bad…very bad! You can tell by their blogs.
Sit back and learn how kinky these naughty ladies really are!

XXX Playhouse

Saturdays @ 11 pm (EST)

A much naughtier version of The Playhouse. The filters
are off, and these girls aren’t afraid to get down to the real dirty talk.

saints and sinners

Sundays @ 1 am (EST)

Join us to see who is the biggest Saint and Sinner. Call
in and tell us which one you are and you could be entered to win a FREE
10 minute call!